But Is The Damage New?

We’ve all been there: when you clock up enough miles, sooner or later your car gets damaged. If your car was parked when the damage happened, you may not even notice! So there’s no need for a blame game, but still somebody needs to pay for repairs. When sharing/renting cars, this leads to anxiety and disputes. Was the damage pre-existing, on whose watch did it happen? Many hours (and emotions) are wasted, and millions are lost in unrecovered costs.

Data-driven decisions

ProofTec ends the “whodunnit” discussion. Opinions and emotions are replaced by on the spot evidence. The ProofTec team has combined many years of experience in the car industry and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to develop the sophisticated, proprietary AI platform for vehicle condition assessment. Our software captures imagery at the start and end of a transaction, and uses advanced computer vision to find changes in a car’s exterior condition. Simply said: ProofTec finds new damage, and shows side-by-side before/after images that nobody can reasonably dispute.

Transparent Recovery

Factual reports from ProofTec’s automated damage detection technology reduce customer confrontation and conflict. Drivers can start their journey without worrying about an argument on return: all pre-existing damage is recorded. Car owners get instant evidence on car return in priority order, so that they can focus on the cases in need of follow-up, and wave through the rest. Issues are dealt with immediately and decisively.


How can prooftec benefit you

Do you want fairer excess and rectification cost recovery, less disputes, and faster transactions? Contact ProofTec now!