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ProofTec is an Australian technology start-up that was born through the belief it should be possible to have an accurate and undisputable digital record of an asset that temporarily changes hands.In a technological world, paper-based record keeping isn’t enough!

While the technology is well suited to a broad range of industries, ProofTec is currently focusing its software on the car rental market, utilising both still and video images to show incremental change in the condition of a vehicle between image sets.With a simple technology platform, the ProofTec solution provides proprietary and easy to use software to identify, assess and report damage.

It’s backed with services ranging from installation, training and software / hardware servicing, maintenance and updates, to customised dashboard reporting and automated customer summary reports.Built on a philosophy of transparency and trust, the ProofTec solution is designed to benefit both vehicle owners and renters, removing all subjectivity, and in its place, driving peace of mind.

Our leadership team

Danny Cohen
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Danny Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Danny is the Chief Executive Officer of ProofTec and has over 10 years of M&A experience across infrastructure, engineering, construction and financial services.

Danny is highly experienced in the identification and growth of start-ups and their subsequent integration into larger corporates, particularly in the tech space.

Danny has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) & Bachelor of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

His previous roles include senior leadership across Strategy, Corporate and Investment Development at organisations including BSA, Commonwealth Bank, Ventia and KPMG.

He has played a pivotal role in setting corporate strategy, investments and divestments across the entire capital structure, restructuring, project management and implementation, and business case development and review.

Jeroen Vendrig
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Dr Jeroen Vendrig

Chief Technology Officer

Jeroen is the Chief Technology Officer of ProofTec and has over 20 years of experience in image/video analysis and interactive computer vision.

Jeroen has a PhD in Informatics and a Master of Science, Business Information Systems from the University of Amsterdam. His previous roles include the Program Lead at a leading international R&D lab, Research and Development positions and lecturer at companies including Canon, Cisra and the University of Sydney.
He has led or worked on projects related to video analysis and machine learning, applying machine learning/AI to surveillance, modelling scene activity over time, embedding video analytics on a network camera, algorithm development for improved quality display for compressed video, and information retrieval and interactive visualisation.

He co-founded the university spin-off of MediaMill for the automatic creation of video summaries, has over 25 granted patents and applications, has penned and published more than 10 papers and has written for various business and consumer publications on IT topics.

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