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About Us

ProofTec is a technology start-up that was born through the belief that it should be possible to accurately have a record of any asset that changes hands.


Ideally suited to a wide spectrum of industries such as the car rental and car share markets, our technology utilises still and video images to show the change in the condition of the vehicle between image sets. With a strong belief in transparency, the ProofTec solution is designed to be shared with both parties to a transaction. 


Utilising a smartphone, the ProofTec solution provides a proprietary and easy to use app solution,  capturing and recording the change in an assets physical condition. In a technological world, paper-based record keeping just doesn’t cut it!


The ProofTec philosophy is based on the belief that both consumers and business owners want:

  • Enhanced  service delivery;

  • Transparency in record keeping – providing peace of mind for all parties; and

  • Simplicity, it’s still the best solution!